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Nail art and extensions are becoming very popular in India which is a very good opportunity for those who are looking to get some skilled hand and want to work in beauty industry.
We offer both hobby and professional courses for nails. All the students are given in depth knowledge about the tools and latest techniques needed for the skilled hand and gorgeous looking nails.
Learning nail art need dedication and hard work to become good and professional technician. For all those students coming from different parts of India,
we help them find some paying guest or hostels for their stays while doing their nail course in Delhi.
It is very important to know all about the courses and offerings like class timings, course duration, course roadmap and fee.
Please go through all the details given below and you will have all the answers regarding nail art and extension courses/classes in India

Hair Styling Course In Delhi

Our hairdressing courses are the perfect gateway into a successful career as a hair stylist. Our Makeup school in Delhi NCR offers a vast curriculum including hair stylist course, hair cutting course and courses to lean chemical and natural hair treatments.

We are often referred to as the best hair academy which is expert in providing right from hair styling courses for beginners to professional training. Our hair styling classes comprises of a salon learning simulation and live hair treatment jobs.

Our hair academy is well equipped with the latest equipment and products, so that when our students go ahead to develop and achieve their dreams, the industry know-how is at par with any industry leader.

We provide direction to the young students on how to structure their portfolio and make engaging content to showcase their level of learning and obtain the desired results out of our hair cutting and styling course.

Course(s) Highlights:-

• You will get familiar with hair theory like Trichology, Color Theory, Angle Theory and hair styling such as Braids and 10+ Buns in our best hair styling courses.
• We will equip your mind with the perfect usage of chemicals highlights, global, touch up, rebounding and haircuts.
• In the advanced hairstyling course, you will learn the hair treatments on hair spa, Henna, deep oil cleansing, anti-hair fall, dandruff, fungal treatment, and flake treatments.
• Certificate of Completion from our hairstyling school and Social Media Promotion 101 Training with enrollment gifts.
• Affordable Fee and Flexible Class Duration


2 Buns (Hollywood / Bollywood Styles)
  • 4 Days of Training
  • Hair Pressing
  • Curls
  • Front Twisting
  • Front Braiding
  • List Item
  • Waterfall Braid
  • Rope Braid
  • French Braid
  • 2 Buns (Hollywood / Bollywood Styles)


2 Buns (Hollywood / Bollywood Styles)
  • 25 Days of Training
  • 10 Types Advance Braids
  • Dutch Braids
  • Fish Tail
  • Romantic Braids
  • Waterfall Braids
  • Messy Tint
  • Time Clicking & More
  • Buns
  • Bridal Hairstyles


2 Buns (Hollywood / Bollywood Styles)
50 days
  • 50 Days of Training
  • Shampoo and Conditioning
  • Hair Theory (Trichology, Color Theory, Angle Theory)
  • Hair Styling (4 Braids & 10+ Buns)
  • Chemicals (Highlights, Global, Touch Up, Rebonding)
  • Hair Cuts (1 Length Cuts, U Haircut, Diagonal Backward, Bob Haircut, Feather Haircut, Short Haircuts)
  • Hair Ritual (Hair Spa, Henna, Deep Oil Cleansing)


2 Buns (Hollywood / Bollywood Styles)
90 days
  • 90 Days of Training
  • Hair Theory (Trichology, Color Theory, Angle Theory)
  • Chemicals (Highlights, Global, Touch Up, Rebonding)
  • Hair Ritual (Hair Spa, Henna, Deep Oil Cleansing)
  • Hair Ritual (Hair Spa, Henna, Deep Oil Cleansing, Anti Hair Fall, Dandruff, Fungal Treatment, Flake Treatments)
  • Haircuts (Diagonal Forward, Veg-Bob Haircut, Smart Haircut, Graduation Forward, Graduation Backward, Emo Haircut, Male Hair)
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