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Nail art and extensions are becoming very popular in India which is a very good opportunity for those who are looking to get some skilled hand and want to work in beauty industry.
We offer both hobby and professional courses for nails. All the students are given in depth knowledge about the tools and latest techniques needed for the skilled hand and gorgeous looking nails.
Learning nail art need dedication and hard work to become good and professional technician. For all those students coming from different parts of India,
we help them find some paying guest or hostels for their stays while doing their nail course in Delhi.
It is very important to know all about the courses and offerings like class timings, course duration, course roadmap and fee.
Please go through all the details given below and you will have all the answers regarding nail art and extension courses/classes in India

Nail Art & Extensions Course/ Training In Delhi

Beauty industry anywhere in the world is ever-growing. Everyone wants to look cool and stay up to date whether it is clothing, footwear or nail fashion. So the opportunities in the industry are never ending. Infact it is growing very fast as new fashion trends keep coming. Nail art and extensions industry is no different than the above scenario. If you are dedicated enough and ready to take nail art as full time profession, your decision is correct. You can easily start your own nail studio or start working with some good nail salon as there is always a very high demand for nail technician. A nail salon may earn from Rs 50,000/- to 3,00,000/- and a nail technician from Rs 10,000/- to Rs 50,000/- depending on their work experience and art work they deliver. If you already own a beauty salon, this will be a great add-on to your business as you already have a base setup and list of clients. For any beauty salon it is very easy to pickup this business and have a faster success percentage. You can always tell your existing customer and new customers about your new add-on and build upon it. You can also work as a freelancer. There are many E-Commerce portals like UrbanClap who offer these services for customers looking to book online. Any nail technician may get lots of business from these bookings. Lots of freelancers choose these portals as they don't want to take any 9 to 5 job pressure and want to be their own boss.

Professional Course/Training—All in One Cours !

Professional route is for 15 days, however any scholar who desires to stay for some more days and want to practice more may stay and learn.
We make sure you learn well, clear all your doubts and know all the techniques regarding nail art types and nail extensions.
Tools are very important part and first lesson would be introduction to latest tools and machines used.
Knowing your tools and getting used to it is very important as you can not do nails without your tools.
Next you will be taught all about nail shapes like round shape, almond shapes, oval shape and others with different nail extensions like gel nail buildup,
acrylic nail buildup and French nail buildup over nail tips. All the process of filing natural nail to gel/acrylic buildups for a smoother outcome

Best Nail Art Salon In Delhi

Nail Art is very trending all over the world and New Delhi. Women of all ages from love this and are getting it done on a regular basis. It is a great mode to express your personality.
We will be discussing about a countless range of nail art available today in India. There are several techniques and never ending new creative designs designed by our nail technicians.
So go through the web page below or visit Flying Monarch Nails studio to know more and experience the wide range of nail art and nail extensions.

New Delhi is very high on nail fashion.
There is a huge verity of nail art which may be a combination of nail paint shades, stones, taping, 3d sculpture, and glitter done in a very artistic way.
Nail art is totally a creative work of any nail technician. A nail technician or nail artist should have a good knowledge of different nail designs and patterns.Some of the examples are given

Once we are through all the above process, we will start with basic and gel nail paint application and drying/ curing under UV Lamp.Thereafter lessons for the entire nail art like Stone Art,Brush Art, Ombre, Nail Stamping, Marbling and many other art and techniques will be taken.This is where all the students need to practice hard and gain a steady hand on different art patterns and get creative.Students will also be given a deep knowledge about hygiene required, like regular cleaning of all the tools and personal hygiene.
You will learn to care, paint, repair and decorate nail extensions keeping high standards of quality and all hygiene and safety guidelines in mind,this will eliminate any risk of cross contamination any damage to cuticles or nails. Now when you have completed all the above lessons,you will be asked to do at least 2 live nails with different art and nail shapes. This will be a kind of exam with practical and theories.Your grades on your certificate will depend upon your performance.After the certification all the students will have about 3 hourworkshop on digital marketing and social media marketing.
Marketing is very important these days, with this you will be able to showcase your work and attract your customers and build your own brand.

Hobby Course/Training

Hobby course is a basic learning for Nail extensions and nail art. This is a 7 days in line training. This is the best course for those who are looking for the best hobby course/training in Delhi.Students will be taught about basic nail shapes, nail build up and basic nail art and hygiene.

Nail Art Price in Delhi

As all ready discussed, nail art is a combination of various decorative material like nail paint, stones, glitter and many other things.

Service time for nail art in Delhi
Service time for any nail art depends what kind of art and what details you need. Simple nail paint will take about 10 to 15 minutes and a details 3D nail art will take a little longer

Below prices are with nail extensions.

Nail Paint ₹ 900/-

Glitter Nails ₹ 900/-

Ombre ₹ 1,100/-

Chrome Nails ₹ 1,100/-

Party Nails ₹ 1,350/-

Wedding Nails ₹ 1,750/-

Nail Paint ₹ 900/-

Basic Nail Art Course

Equipment needed: All materials will be provided the academy while training. Please bring the Model for PRACTICAL.
R.s 15,000/-
30:00 Hours
  • Salon hygiene, sanitation, tools disimpaction, health & safety.
  • Structure of the nail, basic anatomy & physiology (hand & arm)
  • Client consultation, contra-indications, client care
  • Nail diseases & disorders
  • Natural nail preparation
  • Salon System profile product knowledge
  • Tip application with French art & basic few arts
  • UV/LED Acryl gel nail enhancements
  • Sculptured nails using the acryl gel method
  • Maintenance, rebalancing, removals
  • Promotion & marketing of your new skill.

Advance Nail Art Course

R.s 25,000/-
140:00 Hours
  • Basic Nail Art Course
  • French Nail Art
  • Marbling
  • Cat eye Nail Art
  • Mylars
  • Ombre
  • Splash Glitter
  • Transfer Foil
  • Jewellery Application
  • Sticker Application
  • Cut Out
  • Free Hand Art
  • Ice Mylars
  • Mirror Chrome
  • Laser Chrome & Flakes


Gel polish is a mix of gel and nail polish. Because it’s blended mix like a polish, it can not be used to increase your nail. However, gel used for nail sculpting and extensions,adding strength and are long lasting on your natural nails.

Gel polish manicures generally last approximately weeks for many people. The sturdiness of gel polish relies upon at the particular situation and the way you hold your arms and fingernails in daily activities.

yes, there is no problem in doing that.

Nail extensions can be accomplished on bitten nails imparting the encompassing skin isn’t always swollen and the pores and skin is undamaged. Sculptured acrylic nails might commonly work first-class as this technique creates an phantasm of proportionate nails.

Chrome is a pigment powder that is implemented on the preferred gel coloration to attain a mirror end appearance. It cannot be achieved without gel polish.


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